3D Computer Graphics Masterclass, now you can apply for the 2020 edition

Just after finishing the latest lessons, Skyup Academy has already begun organizing the next intensive courses in CGI and digital animation. Here’s how to subscribe


As usual, the publication of the final video thesis, Aurelium, l’ultima edizione 2019 della Masterclass in Computer Grafica 3D di Skyup Academy.

has ended the latest 2019 edition of the 3D Computer Graphics Masterclass by Skyup Academy.

The students of the course put themselves to the test of remaking some scenes, completely in CGI, from the movie Prometheus, thus studying the techniques used by leading international special effects studios.

As you can see from this excellent final result, the Masterclass trainees managed to learn, in a relatively short time, all the skills needed to create amazing images and animations, thanks to the teaching method developed and refined over the years at Skyup Academy.

A febbraio riparte la Masterclass 

If you were impressed by watching this video and want to become yourself a real CGI special effects and digital animation artist, the best choice for you is to subscribe now to the next edition of the 3D Graphics intensive course, scheduled from the 3rd of February to the 18th of June 2020. 

On the Skyup Academy official site you can find all the information, together with the registration form.

Discounts are offered for earlybird bookers (by booking before September you can save 450 euros, before October 350).

The Masterclass study programme will allow you to learn, starting from scratch (no previous skills are required, besides the basic use of a computer), all the fundamentals of tridimensional computer graphics, divided into modules and practical concepts, in order to make even the seemingly hardest parts of this discipline very simple and clear.

This course covers from the basic conception and the understanding of dimensions to the creation of clay maquettes, from 3D modeling to texturing and lighting, from digital sculpture to surfacing, rigging and animation, finishing with the integration of special effects into the actual footage, in collaboration with the Cinema Masterclass.


Professional teachers and facilities

The software used during the lessons is the same that the leading companies use.

Teachers are all experts in their fields, and they will bring to the class their professional experience acquired over the years, working for major national and international productions.

The director is Digital Artist Mauro Baldissera, with over 20 years experience in prestigious companies such as Weta Digital, Animal Logic, Method Studios and Taxfree film.

You can further look into Mario Baldissera’s professional profile by watching the video interview he recently gave to NUTS.

The study programme includes 613 hours of class, from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Thursday, but classes, equipped with cutting-edge workstations and latest-generation technologies, are open 24/7, even outside of lesson times, so students are free to study and practice whenever they like. On Friday mornings, trainees will attend a special English course, offered by Skyup Academy, revolving around business communication and developed to teach how to write an international CV and how to get prepared for a job interview.

Over the weekends, one- or two-days workshops, both theoretical and practical, will be organized about different specific professional fields, taught by several artists (such as the Digital sculpture workshop by Daniele Danko Angelozzi, the Hard Surface Modeling workshop with Gennaro Esposito and The Universe beyond the Horizon with Adrian Fartade).


A campus surrounded by the countryside

Skyup Academy also optionally offers all of their students a campus with beautiful rooms, to stay and enjoy the breathtaking landscape, surrounded by seven hectares of green field in the foothills of the Dolomiti mountains, in San Gregorio nelle Alpi (near Belluno), at the Lucia de Conz Foundation, just one hour’s drive from the Venice airport.

Finally, the academy is in direct connection with important corporate partners, who at the end of the Masterclass will offer the best students jobs and paid internships. 75 percent of the students who attended the intensive courses so far has found a job or an internship at the end of the lessons. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can become a revolutionary digital artist, subscribing now to the 3D Computer Graphics Masterclass on the  Skyup Academy official website.