Alchemist Digital, Italy’s first outsourcing computer graphics agency

Thanks to a light structure and a wide network of associates, they can link any  customer to the best digital artists all over the world


The rapidly expanding and evolving world of digital art welcomes the birth of a new professional company: Alchemist DigitalIt’s a computer graphics agency unique of its kind, because it’s the first one in Italy concieved completely through outsourcing. “Creativity will change and improve the future – the official website reads – but we have to be brave, accept new challenges and be ready to face them.

These changes exist because we created a dynamic environment, surrounded by inspiring people who share their know-how, giving life to new ideas”.


A world network of digital artists

This ambitious project aims to exploit the whole potential of new technologies.

Instead of working the way heavy traditional structures do – by taking on management costs, such as the expenses for physical headquarters and a staff of employees, which in turn increase the price charged to the final customer – Alchemist Digital follows a much lighter and fluid scheme.

This agency really is an intermediary between customers and digital artists: thanks to their wide network of highly specialized professionals all over the world, they are able to find the most suitable ones for every single need, among the leaders in each computer graphics sector, and make a unique product.

Alchemist Digital also provides a Project Manager, who coordinates a single artist or a team of artists. The project manager will be the main contact who will guarantee that the project will be completed on time and on budget.

That’s why the agency calls itself a “creative hub that brings together working professionals in a free and challenging environment.

This is the era of sharing, where free-trade networks can generate powerfull collaborations. We are creating relationships and connections between artists, anywhere and at any time”


All kinds of services for all types of customers

Alchemist Digital’s services range over every CG sector: motion graphics, animation, 3D art, Vfx, game art, matte painting, concept art, illustration, art direction, storyboard and Vr-Ar.

Thanks to their great versatility they can satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers: advertising agencies, game houses, production houses cinema-Tv, record labels, events agencies and publishing houses book-comics-magazines.

On the website, which just debuted online, you can also watch the first two project which suggest this innovative agency’s huge potential: Alchemist Digital logo animation (which sums up both the agency’s working style and the birth of a creative idea) and the fascinating Ucronia: The Path (the birth of the warrior, symbol of the present).

On the same web page you can also find all the contacts, to satisfy all of your needs or simple information requests.