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Best 8 animation schools in Italy - Nuts Computer Graphics

Best 8 animation schools in Italy

Best 8 animation schools in Italy

Digital animation is now a fundamental element of all products, whether film, television or new media. Many people are passionate in this world, trying to become active professionals in this sector. That is why we want to introduce what are in our opinion, the best Italian schools able to give a full and detailed preparation in all aspects of digital animation.

  1. Nemo Academy

Situated in downtown Florence, city of art, the Nemo Academy offers an innovative course designed specifically to meet the new market demands. In fact, today we are witnessing a high demand for professionals with experience in digital animation for TV series and big productions in 3D graphics. The course offered by Nemo aims at training professionals able to juggle all the animation techniques currently used, from the traditional techniques used in Disney animations to the Cartoon Network’s animation in 3D graphics. Students will then have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as traditional and digital animator for large productions and TV series, 3D animator for Pixar productions like Dreamworks and Disney, Characters Designer for creating characters for animation, video games and web. The course lasts three years and has two lessons per week plus a 3 hour optional and free OpenDay. The cost is € 7200.00 total.( overall)
The academy also offers an annual course in 3D graphics, where students can expect to use the software used by major global production companies, such as Autodesk Maya and ZBrush. The student will, at the end of the course be a 3D Generalist, from which point he or she can further specialize towards positions such as Modeler, Rigger or Light and Render artist. 3D Generalist in itself is a highly demanded profession as it represents the largest number of personnel at the best production studios. The duration of this course is 12 months. and has a cost of € 2.400,00.



  1. Big Rock

Big Rock is a unique school of its kind. It was built in an oasis of peace in Roncade (Treviso), away from the tension and stress of the city, in order to avoid distractions and reduce fatigue caused by city life. The Master’s program in Computer Graphics consists of an intensive course of 21 weeks. Lessons are taught every day  of the week and cover the entire process of production of computer graphics. For each subject there is an exam, with its grade. The technologies used are Apple and every year they provide new computers to guarantee the most efficient tools for the students. The modules are designed to accompany  students in the understanding of the entire business of a production flow. Specialization is possible after the general education is complete. In this school the software which will be studied is Maya. The Master’s costs 5.000,00 euro.




  1. IED (European Institute of Design)

The European Institute of Design is certainly one of the top schools in the world of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication. IED moves to form only 3D specialists. If you plan on traditional animation then IED is not for you. The course is called Diploma in CG Animation. The aim is to work in 3D, to create and build objects, characters and environments giving them life and movement. Students, at the end of their training,  will have the right skills to work in movies and TV series, in the video games design  as well as in  post-production and special effects. Currently the course is the only one recognized by the Ministry of Education as equivalent to University undergraduate programs and thus recognized all over the world.




  1. Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Italy has multiple locations of Experimental Center of Cinematography. However, the course of Animation takes place exclusively in the city of Turin. The educational objectives of the course aim to gain creative and production awareness in films based on research and innovation of content and styles, including creating personal projects to enhance individual potential in work team. The course lasts three years. The first year aims to acquire the basics of film language and classical animation, to consolidate traditional and digital media skills  and to give awareness in the process and production of the animated film. The second year is dedicated to the production of individual and team projects, to improve design skills, pre-production and production of the film, design and animation of characters creation. Finally, the third year is dedicated to the realization of the graduation film, a complete short film, from the script to the final assembly. Currently the diploma of the National Film School has no legal value and is not equivalent to university degrees.

From this year onwards, the diploma issued by the National Cinema School at the Experimental Center of Cinematography has obtained the equivalence to a Bachelor’s degree L-03 (D.A.M.S.), according to the law D.M. n. 378 of the 24th April 2019.




  1. Rainbow Academy (Rome)

The Rainbow Academy is the only 3D Animation and Special Effects Academy in Italy within a production environment. The training program, supervised by professionals, makes Rainbow students ready to be a major professional figure. Rainbow is the only Academy with a 3D animation studio. In this school new professionals are born in the field of three-dimensional graphics. Students are  actually involved in the design and creation of animations and digital videos, modeling, special effects, industrial design, television advertising, vfx for film and video game graphics production are some of the potential markets. The course is called “3D Digital Production,” it has a duration of seven months with 1040 hours of teaching, production and workshops. The cost is around € 7.000,00. At  the end of the training,  students will be awarded with a diploma, a certificate of attendance and Autodesk certification.




  1. Scuola Internazionale di Comics

The Comics International School offers  a three-year training course for the acquisition of 2D animation basics. The course aims to train professionals with valuable skills in animation production for film, television, web, video games and apps. Students are supervised by teachers who are active in the workforce. In the three-year course students create an animated project, individually or collaboratively, which consists of creating a short film to be presented at the Animated Film Festival, agencies or studios. The School organizes exhibitions, meetings with artists, workshops and visits to national and international events to expand the skill of each individual student. The International School of Comics covers all the national territory, with offices in Rome, Turin, Pescara, Padua, Jesi, Reggio Emilia, Naples and Brescia. The cost varies according to location and ranges from € 2.700,00 to € 4.000,00.




  1. Skyup Academy

The course offered by the School founded by Mauro Baldissera and Marco Recalchi is definitely one of the most comprehensive and formative, for those who want to make their way in the world of digital art.
Skyup Academy offers their students high-quality facilities, accommodation for those coming from afar and world-class professional teachers: those are the elements which makes it one of a kind. The educational offer that Skyup Academy has designed for young students is the 3D Computer Graphics Masterclass: an intensive 600-hours course, directed by Digital Artist Mauro Baldissera, to learn the basics of 3D Computer Graphics, which will enable the students to create amazing digital images and animations
Concept, modeling, texturing, lighting, sculpting, rigging and animation will be the bread and butter of promising young digital art talents throughout the Masterclass, which will finish with the realization of a thesis at the end of the course, where students will create their own project completely in Computer Graphics, which will then have the chance to enter the prestigious contest “Gold Movie Awards” and, if selected, to take part in the annual final event in London.


  1. Mohole

Mohole school is situated  in Milan. The  school offers different  training courses from 3D modeling to the creation of digital visual effects and animation outright. The course may take one or more school years. Daily classes  are mandatory. The school offers workshops and laboratories reinforce the production process. The school will issue a certificate that certifies the actual skills acquired and useable in the various related professions. In addition, Certificates of  Official Adobe, Maxon Cinema 4D and Rhinoceros are also awarded  at the end of each course. A year at the School Mohole costs about €7.600,00,  two years about €14.200,00. The third year has the same cost of the first (€7.600,00).