CGI and movies: 7 most anticipated films in the next months of 2018

Hollywood still has many VFX masterpieces in store in the next six months: these are the unmissable ones


2018 was (and will still be) an important year for the movie industry: in particular for fantasy movies, science fiction, or where computer graphics are the most popular.

Already in the first half of this year we witnessed the release of highly anticipated films like Rampage, Avengers: Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story or Ready Player One, but even the next six months do not seem destined to disappoint fans’ expectations .

Between sequels and adaptations, we lined up the most important films released before the end of the year, with their date of distribution in Italian theaters. Yeah, because to fully enjoy their special effects, we’ll have to go and see them on the big screen …


The Meg (trailer)

Cinematographic adaptation of the horror-sci-fi novel Meg (which also gives the original title to the film), published in 1997 by Steve Alten.

His gestation was particularly troubled: the film rights of the book were already opted in 1996 by Disney, but remained dissatisfied with the scripts, so as to draw back in favor of Warner Bros.

The work began in 2015, directed by Eli Roth, who in turn decided to abandon the project due to creative differences and was replaced by Jon Turteltaub.

But even now that the production is finished the film seems to have encountered further obstacles: the first trailer released in April was in fact received coldly on social media by fans, who have criticized the many differences between the film and the novel by Alten.

The same author, however, intervened to explain how some changes to the story and the characters were inevitable just to ensure a credible visual performance: “They tried to make an albino shark – explained the writer for example – But if already in real life the albinos do not seem natural, in CGI they have just a fake aspect, so I applaud their decision “.


Ant-Man and the Wasp (trailer)

Sequel of the great success of 2015 dedicated to the “ant man”, the former electronic engineer and thief who takes possession of a technology that allows him to reduce its size.

The story of this film, directed by the director of the first chapter, Peyton Reed, is set between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, with the protagonist Scott Lang forced to house arrest and looking for a difficult balance between domestic life as a father and his responsibilities as a superhero.

Like the other Marvel films, Ant-Man 2 will make extensive use of CGI and VFX, but this time the production has decided to balance these new technologies with physical sets much more complete and articulated than in the past: “In many cases, in the era digital cinema, the actors simply find themselves playing in front of a green screen – tells the director Reed – The universe of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, however, has been rebuilt so that you could also touch, with the largest set of all Marvel films “.


The Predator (trailer)

Fourth film in the horror-sci-fi film series on the vicissitudes of the alien who came to earth hunting for human beings: it was Shane Black, who also wrote it together with Fred Dekker.

Protagonists of this sequel will be some of the creatures already known to fans, such as the hell-hounds already seen in Predators by Nimród Antal, along with others yet to be revealed: “We wanted to avoid exactly matching the design of our creatures with that of the monsters that The public already knows, however, we tried to keep some familiar elements that could recall those of the Predators,”confirmed visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart.

Even in this case, the director preferred not to exaggerate with post-production and special effects, physically realizing the characters to increase their realism: “I’m here on the set next to a gentleman two meters tall with a Predator suit: so no, it’s not all CGI, “Black joked in his Twitter profile.


Venom (trailer)

Spin-off of the series on Spider Man, therefore adaptation of Marvel comics, but in this film production, for the first time, the US company was not directly involved.

Instead, Sony took charge of the project, whose project is to draw a whole series of new films from the collateral characters taken from Spider Man.

However, it will depend on the success of Venom and, above all, on the ability to reproduce on the screen the character of the symbiont appeared on the comic strip, which is interpreted by Tom Hardy.

Apparently from the trailers published so far, the CGI has done a great job, recreating a super-criminal much more faithful to that designed on paper than his previous adaptation of Spider Man 3.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (trailer)

The box office success (over $ 800 million raised worldwide) of the first spin-off of the Harry Potter series ensured a sequel.

At the center of the story is the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, who Albus Dumbledore and his former student Newt Scamander will try to capture.

The plot is full of magic, apparitions and, of course, fantastic animals, which presage a vast use of CGI in this film.

The heart of the work is entrusted to the production houses of VFX in London, in particular Double Negative and Framestore, which for years have collaborated with the franchise released by JK Rowling.


Mortal Engines (trailer)

Film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Philip Reeve, it is the debut feature by director Christian Rivers, but some second-unit scenes have also been directed by Peter Jackson, screenwriter and producer, who for years now no longer played with directing .

The deus-ex-machina of the Lord of the Rings trilogy had been cultivating the idea of ​​making this film for a decade, but had to wait for the CGI technology to advance sufficiently to allow the realization of these giant cars roaring in the desert post -apocalyptic.

We built a lot of physical sets, but then we had to extend them digitally – Jackson clarified – A city a kilometer long and on wheels can not be physically built to real size”.


Bumblebee (trailer)

First prequel to the Transformers saga, which focuses on the Cybertron Autobots.

The protagonist, the reconnaissance among the smallest and weakest of his faction, has been redesigned with a retro look for this film, in which he presents a soft, bright, carefree appearance, more like an anime than a cold steel robot created with CGI.

If Bumblebee came to life so well on the screen it is mainly thanks to the director Travis Knight, known for his long experience as animator and boss of Laika Entertainment, as well as for having already directed the movie Kubo and the magic sword.