Game Designer: who is and what the “genius” of videogames does!

What does it means to create a videogame; the work of the professional behind the scenes


When we talk about videogames we often think that what connects the player to the fun is just a simple console. And of course it is wrong.

Let’s get to understand what lies behind the scenes and in particular what is one of the main figures of a videogame. We are talking about the Game Designer, or even defined game developer, whose main task is to write the rules and the structure of the same.

The mind, the thought, the idea of all things …. from the Game Designer comes the idea of ​​all the “content” of the videogame.

Someone said that the Game Designer is the result of the intersection between an artist, a writer and a programmer.

In fact he must have a complete artistic vision (artist), he must write the rules (writer) and must have the ability to supervise (if not contribute) to the technical programming phase (programmer).

Some of its more specific tasks are for example:

  • Define the players (who they are, how many, how they are connect to each other);
  • Define the goal (what the players have to do)
  • Define the rules (how to play, how the elements of the game interact with each other, how and     when the game ends)
  • Define the game information
  • Define the game sequences

In short, the Game Designers are professionals who have a strong creative potential because they bring to life stories of characters, imagining the rules, interfaces, environments, dialogues.

Obviously with the sudden evolution of videogames, the Game Designer today does not have in his possession all the skills necessary for their development. For the realization of worldwide masterpieces such as “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” (Ubisoft) or “Divinity Original Sin 2” (Larian Studios) the only figure of the Game Designer is not enough, it must necessarily make use of the collaboration of the other components of the team (Art Director, Concept Artist, 3D Artist, programmers etc.).

It is not easy to be a good Game Designer, you need to have a good in-depth industry knowledge, an excellent knowledge of the structures, dynamics and rules of traditional games, a specialized knowledge of videogames on all platforms (PC and console), a great creativity and a sensitivity to recognizing the tastes of the public in order to create a winning product.

Fortunately, the figure of the Game Designer is receiving the right recognition, so much so that even in Italy in recent times it is possible to train as a professional in this industry thanks to the educational offer that many schools make available.