Historia: A fantasy world by Mirko Failoni

In the following video, Italian Artist Mirko Failoni tells us how he created his first concept book


“A concept artist and Illustrator” also “a teacher” but mostly “a nerd”.

Mirko Failoni is a talented illustrator artist in the entertainment industry, from video games to board games, and comics.

Mirko Failoni studied at the School of Comics in Milan but he is also a self taught visual artist: “I taught myself by simply working on my projects”

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Timelapse painting: “Historia”

Historia: his fantasy concept book

Mirko became popular among concept artists when Attaccapanni Pressan independent press directed by Ariel Vittori, Laura Guglielmo and, Laura Vivacqua  published his work in 2017: Historia: Di Magi e briganti, vigliacchi ed eroi ( Historia of Wise Men and Bandits, Cowards and Heroes ).

In this video, he tells us how his project started by drawing random sketches everyday.

Indistinctive characters would slowly take shape, telling their own story in a fake vernacular. He definitely called the audience attention: “many people would contact me out of curiosity, asking me to create more. I decided to give it a try”.


Three chapters

Due to the high demand, I developed a whole medieval world from sketches. A world in black and white with a hint of sepia, occupied by anthropomorphic creatures on the verge of conflict/war.

His volume divided into three chapters, tells and describes in details the world their adventures are taking place (illustrated in a map inspired by antique ones).

Mirko collaborated with artists, colleagues, friends and  people who published their own creations on Mirko’s Facebook group page,  Koncept Art Italia.

Some of these external collaborations would  become part of Mirko’s book and eventually rewarded with a free copy of his book.

Please watch our video If you would like to know more about Historia: Di magi e briganti, vigliacchi ed eroi.

You will have the opportunity to know more about Mirko and the contents of his outstanding work.

You can purchase Historia on Facebook: Historia di magi briganti, vigliacchi ed eroi