Interview with Sibomana: protect people not borders

Video Interview with Sibomana: protect people not borders

Antoine Durieux, better known as Sibomana, is an Italian-Belgian artist with an extraordinary artistic sensibility.

Raised in Africa and Europe, as he was only a child he already developed a great passion for the arts of drawing and painting, thanks to the influence of his grandmother, who was a painter herself. In his early teens he approached graffiti, which he carried on for many years, before graduating in graphic design at ESA Saint-Luc, in Bruxelles.

From that moment on, Sibomana left his can behind, to take a different path towards poster design: a brand new world, marked by an artistic technique, combining large-sized black and white photos and decoration made by vividly coloured brush strokes.

Each one of the works realized by this young and brilliant artist has always had the purpose of communicating a clear message: educating people to peace, freedom and integration.

His projects, aimed at creating cultural awareness towards current social issues like immigration and multiculturalism, can be seen in many countries, such as Turkey, Greece, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

So, we just have to listen to what he wants to tell us.