Aaron McBride is a Senior Art Director and Concept Artist at the ILM Art Department (Industrial Light & Magic) since 1998, when he began working as a Concept Artist and Designer for feature films such as A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report.

Like many of his colleagues, the interest that Aaron develops for what would have been the job of his life, starded in the early years of his life, when he discovered the colors and the design.

Soon he fell in love with animated films such as “the Little Mermaid” and “The Beauty and the Beast” and at the end he graduated in animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and after attending free drawing courses to keep his illustrative abilities alive, he was noticed by Alex Laurant, at the time Visual Effects Art Director of ILM for the film “Save Private Ryan “and here he is hired as an intern, where he has the opportunity to realize concepts for AI and Minority Report.

Only a short time later his career took off in a vertiginous manner. Aaron has worked on some of the most spectacular science fiction films like Iron Man 1 and 2, The Avengers, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean (where “The Curse of the Phantom Forever” also won an Academy Award for best visual effects) and Jurassic Word.

He also wrote and illustrated “Old Wounds”, a graphic novel for Lucasfilm Publishing and illustrated covers for several Star Wars publications and created his personal graphic novel titled “Tóraidhe”.

Rated by directors such as Steven Spielberg, Gore Verbinski, George Lucas and Joss Whedon, Aaron is a world-class digital talent and his performance is certainly among the best in the industry.

Aaron McBride