Ahmet Atil Akar is a mechanical engineer of Turkish origin, who has always pursued his true passion for art and design.

Specialized in concept art, character and mechanical design, he has worked for several years as an expert machinery evaluator.

During this period he had the chance to get in touch with countless kinds of technical equipments and machineries: evaluating, seeing, discovering and understanding their way of operating on a daily basis have left an indelible mark on him.

In fact, that’s when Ahmet began looking for similarities and bonds between the man and the machine, which have brought him to create his astonishing works.

Particularly sensitive to current geopolitical scenarios, this Digital Artist finds very interesting to portray above all 2D and 3D characters, representing different social classes, set in a dystopian future, who keep on struggling for their freedom.

Social uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, artistic movements, fashion, music, street culture, together with the technical and scientific developments, have always affected his work.

Naturally led to create works surrounded by mystery, despite sometimes using bright colours, he usually prefers to realize his projects with darker colours, above all black.

Throughout his career he has collaborated with several gaming companies, fashion brands, event agencies, music labels, magazines.

Ahmet Atil Akar