Alex Roman, born in 1979 as Jorge Seva, is a 3D Artist native of Alacant, a city in Southern Spain.

After studying traditional painting for a few years, he finally discovered the new and interesting world of computer graphics.

Having finished his studies, he moved to the capital city of Madrid, where he started working for a company specialized in visual effects.

This experience was formative yet short-lived, since at the time the demand for VFX in the Spanish market was still low.

That’s why he decided to switch to the so-called business VIZ, or architectural visualization, thanks to the great interest in architecture he had shown since he was a boy.

He started working on a series of visualizations of existing architectural works, which he later collected into a project called The Third & The Seventh: an animated work which is still very appreciated for its graphic quality, filmmaking techniques, composition and above all for the majestic use of lighting, a field that Alex truly masters.

The Third & The Seventh was also turned into a book, From Bits To The Lens, where he explains in a linear and specific way both the artistic and the technical aspects of his work.

Winner of several awards, including a Cannes Gold Craft Film for the advertising of the Silestone: Above everything brand, and an Ars Electronica – Computer Animation/Film/VFX award for his short film, he has also worked as VFX Supervisor for David Fincher’s movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Alex Roman