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Alex Senechal 3D Concept Designer - Nuts Computer Graphics

This amazing concept designer and 3D artist has built the foundation of his career completely self-taught, telling us that determination is worth more than one hundred schools.

Alex has invested much of his time in the study of the rules of art and design, growing day by day and creating extraordinary works.

His debut takes place in Synect Media, covering the role of 3D generalist and creating content for Microsoft Store video walls. But Alex is not satisfied, he decides to go even further, specializing in hard surface modeling and environments.

In fact, he was hired by 343 Industries, an important American Videogame Developer House, to take part in the project of one of the most famous and successful videogames of all time: Halo 5, which he played the role of environment artist.

His passion leads him to achieve mostly sci-fi style hard surfaces, but mechs and weapons in particular are probably his favorite subjects.

Today he works as a freelancer and has online courses for anyone who wants to learn hard surface modeling techniques.

He is certainly a great artist and his career is on the rise, surely he will still have many things to show us.

Alex Senechal