Allan McKay was born in Australia in May 1982 and here he spent his childhood sculpting and drawing.

He started selling his works as a kid and earns his first computer, a second-hand IBM 286.

He used to work on software like Deluxe Paint Animation and Animator Pro, two of the most popular 2D animation and painting programs in the 90s, making characters for videogames.

At just 18, he moved to Sydney and began working for Ambience Entertainment, one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted film and television production and post-production companies, specializing in feature films, television dramas, comedies and games.

Here he becomes master of his skills, juggling at high levels with skills also with 3ds Max and Maya and in less than three years he collaborates in the production of over 50 projects.

Already very young, Allan dominates the techniques of modeling, texturing, lighting and animation but what fascinated him most was to create spectacular situations, such as huge waves and storms, explosions, clouds and fire. He understands that his way could only be the VFX and he does not come back from there.

The period was also fertile, in fact at the time these types of effects were not as common today.

Allan has in fact invented a pipeline to make massive sequences of realistic explosions at a time when he did not usually do it. From his hands are born sequences in which cities of the reach of New York or London are destroyed, trains that derail and explode and any other kind of “theatrical” effects.

Today, Allan is one of the largest and most famous visual effects supervisors, with over two decades of industry experience and has collaborated with many leading studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Pixomondo, Blur Studio, Prime Focus and Ubisoft.

He is also responsible for many visual effects sequences of projects such as Transformers, Blade, Star Trek, Superman, The Equalizer and dozens of other films, as well as many of the best video games famous all over the globe such as Halo, Call of Duty, Prototype, and Team Fortress 2.

So we could call it a monster of skill.

Let’s enjoy it ?

Allan Mckey