What we propose is a true motion graphics and vfx masterpiece. Made by Elastic, an agency specialized in the creation of open title.
This video is an introduction to the world. It is realized to make the viewer look at it every time like the first. Full of intriguing thematic elements and iconic images that someone might call blasphemy, but in reality it is nothing more than point to the now clear shift of the values venerated today by capitalist society compared to traditional ones.
We want to highlight some of the major titles of this magnificent agency that never ceases to
surprise us. Their creations are the “intro opening titles” of Daredavil, Westworld, True Detective
and GoT, just to name a few. The creative director is Patrick Clair. For those who would like to know more about the work of the agency and its creative directors here the link  🙂





WEBSITE Patrick Clair


American Gods