André Bergs is a digital artist active in the world of computer graphics for more than fifteen years.

His training starts when he attends the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, one of the largest arts training centers in Europe, structured in such a way as to give his students the specific skills to get closer to the artistic practice.

Over the years he has participated in the creation of several animated series in 3D, advertising and short films.

His career began to take off in 2005 when he made his first animated short Teddy, which then followed many other projects both independent and non.

After moving to Bangkok, he found a job at the “Picture This Animation“, an animation house that deals mainly with CG and 2D high definition animation and divided into three specific sectors: conceptual pre-production, animation and post-production.

Here he directs a series of short animations created for Disney Channel, where Jake the pirate, his friends and his enemies are animated in Lego Duplo format.

This last work could be understood as a sort of experiment on what can be a digital comic book.

In fact, he later created Protanopia, his latest project and his first comic; a digital comic book made entirely for Iphone and Ipad. Director of animation and with an innate love for visual narration André is a very good representative of creative and innovative art.

André Bergs