Andrew Kramer is a digital artist specialized in VFX e motion graphics.

At just twenty years of age, while he was already establishing himself as a freelancer artist, he began realizing video tutorials about After Effects, which he published on his website Video Copilot.

Thanks to these videos, within a short time, he gained great visibility and made his reputation at the highest level of the computer graphics companies.

One of the reasons why his project has been so successful was definitely the way of communicating that the artist chose in his videos: the information was presented in detail, but with an entertaining and engaging style, which didn’t go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, alongside realizing videos about the main softwares used in CG, Andrew began developing a series of innovative plug-ins which would later be used in some very successful production.

Since then, his roles as an artist and as a teacher has gone hand in hand.

Andrew has found the perfect balance: he manages to create tools which help him improve his work as an artist, which eventually remains his bigger passion.

Among his main works are the main titles for the tv series Fringe and for movies such as Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, together with his involvement in many productions as a VFX Artist for both cinema and TV.

Andrew Kramer