The artist we are presenting is a monster in his field.

Andy is a comic book artist, illustrator and concept artist who boasts a number of famous works around the world.

The entertainment industry has benefited greatly from its works. In the first part of his career he focuses on creating comics by working for Extreme Studios, a division of Image Comics.

In this area, he is drawing illustrations for the new comic book series Tomb Rider and thanks to this he has been recognized as one of the best artists by Wizard Magazine.

He later worked for Marvel Comics by signing covers and illustrations for other titles, such as Exalibur, Weapon X and New X-ManHe decides to evolve and approve the SCE Santa Monica Studio, a division of Sony Computer Entertainment, as a concept artist.

During this time he created characters, creatures, objects and environments for some of the most famous video games (God of War among all).

In 2010, Andy joined the Visual Development team at Marvel Studios, contributing to the development of some films through his contribution to the design of characters from the Marvel filmed universe.

Specifically, he worked for:  The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man 3 and Thor.

For us a great artist.

Andy Park