Angelo Peluso, born in 1990, Italian author and illustrator, graduated at the International School of Comics in Padova, specialising in Traditional Illustration.

He has always had a great passion for role-playing games, which has later turned into his profession.

Today he works as a freelance artist, mainly on board games and, generally, for the publishing industry.

Over the years he has worked for top-level international clients such as Paizo inc, Monte Cook Games and Schwalb Entertainment.

His works feature in several games such as Pathfinder, Starfinder, Numenera, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Sine Requie, Invisible Sun, Cypher System, The Last Torch and many more.

He has also had the pleasure to contribute to some works by Bruce Cordell and he currently collaborates with Mana Project Studio as a freelancer.

In Italy, he has worked for several game publishers such as Wyrd and Serpentarium and he is currently developing an RPG based on the D&D 5: Nightfell system.

Angelo Peluso