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Anselm Von Seherr-Thoss Vfx Artist - NUTS Computer Graphics

Today’s artist comes from the North Europe, from the cold Hanover, and from there begins his climb to the success of the VFX.

After his classical training in fine arts, thanks to which he built a good basis for the management of compositing and color, Anselm finds a job as an intern in SoulPix, a small company that at the time was involved in various activities including accomplishments of music videos and videogames.

Here he becomes familiar with Photoschop, After Effects and especially with VRay.

When one day a colleague introduced him to the first Advanced Visual Effects DVD made by Allan McKay, Anselm understood that ” growning-up” he would do that.

Awarded as an artist of the year 2013 by Autodesk, today he is VFX supervisor and member of VES (Visual Effects Society), author of 3D Artist Magazine and founder of Incendii, a VFX studio based in New Orleans that offers the production of visual effects , especially those dedicated to particle simulation and 3D animation for feature films, TV films and advertising.

Expert on some of the biggest software (3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Particle Flow Toolbox with its toolbox extensions 1-3, RayFire, Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Afterburn, Krakatoa and VRay) has collaborated on realizations the likes of James Cameron’s Avatar, Transformers 4, Star Trek – Into Darkness, Northmen – A Viking Saga, Robin Hood by Ridley Scott and Dragonball: Evolution.

It also conducts educational activities for high-level training on the sector and manages its Volatile Training site, one of the largest source of tutorials for “mParticles” and “Advanced Data Manipulation” for 3dsMax.

Great Anselm ?

Anselm Von Seherr-Thoss