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Ars Thanea - Creative Production Studio - Nuts Computer Graphics

Ars Thanea is a creative agency based in Warsaw, Poland.

It was founded in 2007 when Peter Jaworowski, Bartłomiej Rozbicki and Paweł Piotrzkowski decided to set up a company that was mainly involved in creating new and innovative things, focusing on a deep study of design and the use of new technologies.

The Firm mainly deals with 2D/3D Production, CGI, Animation, VR/AR, Post-Production, Retouch, Photography, Creative Technology, Creative Direction and Artistic Direction. Like any great self- respecting studio, Ars Thanea bases its success on the quality and creativity of all its collaborators.

All team members share the same vision of things, their culture is based on innovation, on authenticity, on responsibility and on the belief that to be successful you have to work in a healthy and collaborative environment. One of the founders, Peter Jaworowski, has been nominated several times in the Top 10 of Adweek. His major customers include Chanel, Facebook, Discovery Channel, General Electric, Nike, Nutricia, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Visa to name a few.

Ars Thanea has joined the family of SYZYGY Group, a group of international marketing agencies that welcomes more than 500 employees and has offices in Germany, Poland, England and the United States.


Ars Thanea — Creative Production Studio

  1. Wiertnicza 39A, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland • tel.: + • e-mail: warsaw@arsthanea.com • arsthanea.com

Ars Thanea