Baldi Konjin is a freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator based in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

After studying Game development at Roc Asa college in Utrecht and Human centered design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, and briefly working as a 2D art intern at Triumph Studio and Bloomsix, he finally graduated in Game Art at Amsterdam’s Mediacollege.

Then Baldi went on to work as an Illustrator at Idw Publishing and as a Concept Artist at Reptile Games.

Once he switched to the freelance career, he had the chance to collaborate with some of the top clients in the gaming industry, such as Emerald City Games and Riot Games (where he worked on the famous game League of Legends).

Currently he is working for Airship Syndicate, an American independent game studio.

Baldi is specialized in character and creature design and his artwork is recognizable for its unique and bold shapes, vibrant colors and great storytelling.

Baldi Konjin