Bastien is a concept artist, matte painter, art director and musical composer born in Geneva and currently residing in France in Montpellier.

His history with art began when he was a child, already at the age of 9 he knew that his future would be realized in this world.

His father used to make props at the Grand Theater of Geneva and his mother, as well as grandparents, was a musician; it is therefore not difficult to believe that the destiny of this artist would be in the artistic universe.

Over the years he has managed to build a thriving career in the field of videogames, cinema and advertising, getting to specialize in visual development for all types of visual production.

As a concept artist he has collaborated with companies such as Ubisoft, Blur Studio, Applibot, Sony Picture Animation and Warner Bros.

His portfolio is of a remarkable level, his images are excellent and although he spans different styles he manages to maintain a distinct qualitative products.

Inspired by the world around him, he loves studying every little detail to make his images realistic and representative of the world he wants to portray.

Music and computer graphics walk together with Bastien hand in hand, filling each other’s gaps and cooperating in the success of the artist’s creative process.

Since 2013 he is co-art director and compositor for Wardenlight Studio, a visual development company founded together with Jessica Rossier.

Here are some of his best productions!

Bastien Grivet