Bayard Wu is a concept artist and a professional illustrator who comes from the far east, from Shenzhen, China.

He completed his studies at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the national Chinese university that offers degrees and masters in design and fine arts, attending courses in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects, graduating in 2008 since then he has created a personal portfolio that counts a very wide range of illustrations depicting mostly creatures coming out of myths and legends, such as warriors, dragons, mermaids, ogres, monsters and demons of all kinds.

The fantasy genre is undoubtedly his favorite one, a world where Bayard is able to express his art and creativity as a real master.

His illustrations are extremely detailed so is the choice of the color palette and the use of lighting.

Bayard works today as a professional artist in the videogames industry and collaborates with companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games.

Bayard Wu