Mike Winkelman is an American Artist also known under the pseudonym “Beeple”.

A rebel artist, but with a great artistic sense and a passion for creativity. His works in fact range both by genre and by category, crossing different areas of computer graphics, and visually represent the true essence of the artist.

Beeple has a unique feature, continuity; in fact, for over ten years, he has created and published a different work for each day of the year, creating his personal series “Everydays” which has become a personal archive containing more than 3000 works, including images and animations made in CG.

This “mission” has enriched him a lot, both in terms of technical skills and management of his work.

If on the one hand he had the opportunity to acquire a new series of skills in various categories of computer graphics, on the other hand he actually learned how to complete a project and still remain faithful to the original idea.

Particularly productive also in short films and in the creation of VJ loops, Beeple started working with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, new frontiers that make its work particularly exciting.

He has worked in visual for concerts by some international music stars such as Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Eminem and Zedd.

In short, Beeple is an artist to be discovered and we want to start giving you a taste.

Have fun ?

Beeple Digital Artist