Benjamin Bardou is a French Filmmaker, Visual Artist and Matte Painter, with a remarkable artistic history behind him.

His training as an artist takes place at the Georges Méliès School in Orly, an institute specialized in courses mainly devoted to animation and visual effects.

His art has often been inspired by the works of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, from which he has mainly extrapolated the concept of historical materialism and visually re-adapting it to his works.

Among the categories in which Benjamin excels, we undoubtedly recognize compositing but above all matte painting, an area in which the artist is a true specialist.

He currently works as Matte Painter at Mikros Image, a digital post-production and visual effects company whose activities are mainly aimed at the feature film and advertising industry.

His last masterpiece is Shared Memories, created in collaboration with Ash Thorpanother great artist of digital art.

He has also participated, over the years, in various exhibitions all over the world.

Benjamin Bardou