Billy Bogiatzoglou, aka Billelis, is a 3D artist and art director of Greek origin, now living in the United Kingdom.

His first passions were: graffiti, murals and wall-tagging.

He used to do street art until he moved to the United Kingdom, where he studied Digital Art & Technology at the University of Plymouth.

After his studies, he specialized in 3D illustration, spending countless hours experimenting with software and techniques, developing a personal style that some artists describe as hyper-realistic.

Looking at his works you can see the use of contrasting colors, giving the viewer an almost romantic fusion between elegance and dark style.

Always fascinated by gothic art, Billelis combines elements that represent deadly subjects, giving them a sense of beauty, elegance and life.

In fact, most recurrent elements in his works are skulls, roses and gold.

The creativity of this talented digital artist is constantly growing and his skills are now recognized internationally.

He has worked for several clients including Nike, Netflix, Coca Cola, Red Bull and music artists globally.