The love for drawing by this artist started immediately. When he was just two years old Bobby “decorated” the walls of his house with pastel colors, perhaps, with a certain disagreement from his parents we would say.

Bobby gets his first real job at the age of seventeen, when he is hired by Disney, and then boast collaborations also with Warner Bros and Star Wars.

His specializations are mainly character design and concept art, from the most in fact he is known for the creations of fantastic creatures and characters.

Bobby currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he co-founded Imaginism Studios, a pre-production and concept design studio for film, TV and games.

Bobby in fact, in addition to create concept and character for some feature films, such as Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton and Men in Black 3, he illustrates and publishes artbooks.

Also he has won numerous awards for his creative work, including an Emmy, and has collaborated on several feature films for Dreamworks, Sony and Universal Studios.

Bobby Chiu