Brian Sum is a very talented Canadian Concept Artist.

He began his course of study at Capilano University, where he graduated in Illustration and Graphic Design; later he continued his education at Vancouver’s school of cinema, where he specialised in 3D Animation and Digital Effects.

Soon Brian found his first job as a Digital Artist at FASA Studios, then he went on to work for other studios such as Sierra Online, Sugarcoated Studios and Bioware Montreal, where he grew up as an artist and stayed for over ten years.

Today he is Senior Concept Artist at Electronic Arts, an American company based in Redwood City, California, which develops, publishes and distributes video games.

Throughout his career, Brian has worked on very successful game titles such as Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 2, Shadowrun, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Dragon Age: Origins and his outstanding work has also been described and discussed in many publications, such as Imagine FX Magazine, 2d Artist Magazine and Digital Art Masters, just to name a few.

Brian Sum