Carlos Dattoli is an illustrator with the great ability to convey every idea into an image, with a detailed, changeable and nostalgic style.

Mexican by birth, Carlos graduated from the Universidad Internacional in graphic design.

He then moved to Spain to start a master’s degree at the European Escuela for Communication and Visual Art, discovering his passion for illustration thanks to this experience.

He decided to return to his homeland and immediately began working to build his own portfolio of illustrations.

His passion for the arts and his work led Carlos to be a very talented artist today.

His characters are known and appreciated all over the world, thanks also to some of his most successful works, including the Fat Heroes series, where the artist transforms our most famous heroes into fat once.

Each character represented by Carlos has his own personality, his creative process starts right from here, and probably it is for this reason that his illustrations are so special.

Carlos Dattoli