Catello was born twenty-five years ago in Naples, where he still lives and works.

He studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and in the last year, thanks to his passion for technology, after a long period of personal experimentation he approached 3D graphics and motion graphic design. Catello concretizes both the expressive needs and the constant experimentation of the one who has recently approached the instrument, in this case rendering and production in 3D environments.

The result of his recent work is therefore to be seen as the personal experiment of a creative mind trying to better face its possibilities a new perspective of communication. The graphic design studies, the personal ones of visual research and the exchanges with personalities and employees in the academic area, have published an indelible comment in the formation of Catello: the need to express.

This need, which at first found its outlet in personal experiments, has been transformed over time into something more concrete and truly shared with the world through the Internet. His works are technically born in the space of a day, but they can obviously be observed as pieces of a single project that has no schedule or a precise deadline.

The work ranges from the study of materials and lights to the search for compositional balance in the scene, passing through a stylistic style drapes. Software creation software 3D seems to be for now a productive and versatile tool for Catello, which continues in its work of experimentation, expression and sharing his journey.

Catello Gragnaniello