Catsuka (aka “Cyber Adventure Tsuka”) is one of the oldest websites dedicated to the world of animation.

It was created in 2000 in France by Marc Aguesse, at the time a student in computer science with a huge passion for comics and animated movies, most of all Japanese ones.

Today, after over twenty years and despite the remarkable success he has enjoyed, Marc is still managing the website on his own, alongside his full-time job, in order to mantain the independent and non-profit nature of his publication.

He has already written more than 8.000 articles about every form of animation (short films, feature movies, music videos, series…), especially focussing on artists and studios that he appreciates.

From 2010 to 2018, Catsuka also produced a bimonthly television show, broadcast on French thematic Nolife channel; it writes a regular column on AnimeLand magazine and is also often featured in screenings and exhibitions.

Catsuka also includes several mini-websites: Catsuka Player (featuring more than 4.500 films), Catsuka Theater (which contains animated feature films trailers), Catsukids (with animated short films for children), and other websites on dedicated topics (such as Koji Morimoto, Gobelins School, Oban Star-Racers…).

It is also known for its mascots, created by Goby & Fik, which have inspired many animators and designers.

Catsuka Animation