Cinderella Cat draws certain suggestions from the fairy tale of Gianbattista Basile by putting them at the disposal of cinematographic instruments and language.

The choice to draw from the Basile tradition, among other reasons, must have to do with the desire to instill in the viewer the preliminary awareness that what is about to see, concerns the Neapolitan universe. In fact, Naples rarely appearing, but always in front of the screen: the ship in which the film is set seems to be the fake part of the city. Of Naples, Cindarella Cat tells of miseries and nobility, as tradition dictates by Eduardo Scarpetta onwards.

The rhythm of the narrative follows the wave of the ship, cradles the spectator who, fascinated and stunned, wonders how extreme beauties and ugliness of the city can coexist and be told with the modes and the language of animation.

This, in fact, traditionally refers to fantasy worlds rather than to real universes and to “political” themes. However, the operation carried out by the directors of the film – which reminds a little of feature films such as A Tomb for the Fireflies, Waltz with Bashir and Persepolis – aims to dismember the classic idea of ​​animation and redirect it to an adult audience, to convey strong messages and important. What results is a creation with a poetically poetic character that originates from the gap between the exquisite refinement of the drawings and the Neapolitan nobility and beauty defaced by criminal selfishness.

Contribute to the complexity of this studied scaffolding, the characters that, conceived with angular, almost geometric features, keep closed in their bodies complex, errant, unresolved personalities and, therefore, strongly real, human.

The spectator is offered the opportunity to understand them, once more, through the splendid music that seems to mirror the subconscious of the protagonists.

The pride of this film is also the fine dubbing work of Alessandro Gassmann, Maria Pia Calzone, Mariano Rigillo, Massimiliano Gallo and Renato Carpentieri.

Cindarella Cat, candidate at the Oscar 2018, animation category, is a jewel of local animation that tells its story with an incisive delicacy and without ever falling into the trap of out of tune and pompous melodrama.

Cindarella Cat