This time we are here to talk about the brand new and unbelievable film produced and distributed by the now-coupled Disney-Pixar, released very short time ago in US cinemas and arriving in Italy on December 28th.

Coco (this is the title) tells the story of a Mexican boy who wants to crown his dream, that is to become a musician and follow the footsteps of the greatest music artist in his country: Ernesto de la Cruz. Realizing this dream is not easy, his family is the biggest obstacle, and to do so he will have to face a series of vicissitudes that lead him to another world, the world of the dead.

In this fantastic and at the same time mysterious dimension, he will discover a lot about his roots and the secret behind his family.

An amazing and innovative film, just think that Coco is the second Pixar film to be completely focused on characters with a specific nationality, before him only Brave.

And this is not the only peculiarity; although it can not be considered a musical in all its effects, music plays a key role in narrating history.

Last (but not less important :-D) the fact that it’s the only Disney movie made after 2010 to not be a sequel. In short, an animated film that overrides a bit of a tradition that, unwittingly, was lightening firmly. Coco was born from the artistic genius of Lee Unkrich, US director and editor, already director of Disney’s masterpieces like “Monster & Co.” and “Looking for Nemo”, just to name a few.

It seems that the director had the idea already in 2010, shortly after the release of the third chapter of the Toy Story saga, when he was impressed by the Mexican “Día de los Muertos” celebration, which was actually celebrated in the South of the USA.

What most of all hit Unkrich was the strong contrast between skeletons and  bright colors, so to push it into a tortuous discovery path that led to the creation of the new Pixar-Disney masterpiece. ?