Conrad Allan is a specialized Matte Painter who currently works for the Image Engine, a world-class Visual Effects Studio that in 2010 “almost” won the Oscar for best visual effects for the film “District 9”.

He began his journey in Computer Graphics thanks to Vue, a 3D software used in particular for the creation, animation and rendering of natural 3D environments, in particular outdoor landscapes (for example Industrial Light & Magic used it to create backgrounds for the movies Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and the DreamWorks Animation for Kung Fu Panda).

As a child, in fact Conrad is particularly impressed by the traditional technique of Matte Painting seen in old movies, from that particular technique that allowed artists to paint something that went beyond reality but in an extremely convincing manner. He is also passionate about games, but decides to enroll at university to become a videogame animator, but he soon realizes that this is not really his way.

At the same time, he also began to do some structural modeling work for an architect, and when he presented himself with a job opportunity in Singapore he did not think twice, he left his studies and traveled to meet his destiny.

From there the opportunities are numerous and in a short time becomes one of the best and most known Matte Painter. He has worked in fact for several productions such as Game of Thrones, Logan, Assassins Creed and Independence Day.

Conrad has also created, a website that offers over 100,000 useful images to those involved in Matte Painting.

These images are copyright-free (for use only but not for sale) and cover a wide range of panoramic images of locations such as Maldives, Egypt, New Zealand, Nepal (Himalayas / Kathmandu), Rome, Croatia (included the iconic Dubrovnik known for the influence of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones), Slovakia, Cambodia and many others.

In short, an artistic talent of all respect. Enjoy ?

Conrad Allan