Art Director, Concept Artist, Illustrator and Production Designer, Daniel Clarke has established himself in the world of digital art during the past few years.

Always convinced he wanted to pursue a career in art, after high school he started with traditional oil painting.

At the same time, though, he also approached concept art, and began understanding in greater depth the fundamentals of each image: composition, anatomy, design, lights and shadows.

So he decided to commit in this field in the following years and started working in the entertainment industry.

Completely self-taught, within a short time he got to work as Illustrator and later Art Director for international movies such as Chronicle and The Giver and became the Art Director for special animation at BBC Christmas Stick Man.

He has illustrated children’s books and trading cards Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40K series.

He also created works of great graphic and simbolic impact about Marvel superheroes.

Daniel Clarke