Daniel Gies is a super creative and Canadian artist who grew up in the Kananaskis valley at the foot of the Rockies.

He began his career as an artist when he was very young, when he approached the world of animation by making simple flipbooks, animated books made up of several pages containing illustrations and which, if quickly scrolled, create a real animation.

From here it goes to digital, starting to use first Autodesk Animator then develop different techniques and increase the knowledge of the Adobe creative suite, which over the years lead him to make video tutorials on their optimal use.

A self-taught artist, Daniel is today one of the digital artists who has a creative process out of the ordinary.

His video productions and animated films have been presented in festivals all over the world and have received numerous awards.

In 2012 Daniel co-founded E*D Films, an animation studio and film production based in Montreal, where Daniel brought a vision of work combining traditional craft approaches with rapidly evolving digital tools.

Daniel Gies