Born in Germany, Daniel Hahn aka Daytoner (DTNR) is a Digital Artist whose approach to computer graphics is relatively recent, despite having a long-standing experience in art.

He began drawing, almost obsessively, as he was a teenager, creating graffiti on the walls of his home town.

Later he decided to study Product Design, which allowed him to build a solid background for his future career as a Concept Artist.

A few years ago Daniel moved to the United States to work for a German carmaker, and that’s when he started nurturing another of the dreams he had kept secret until then: designing characters for the movie and gaming industries.

Daniel’s favourite subjects are definitely robots, which are the result of the perfect combination between his passion for developing characters and his consistent background in car design.

After sharing his works online, he recieved his first requests from some entertainment companies, until he was contacted by clients such as Epic Game, where he contributed to the making of Robo-Recall.

Thanks to his incredible futuristic creations, Daytoner is regarded as a surprising Concept Artist, Illustrator and 3D Artist, able to bring innovative and creative ideas to videogames and movies alike.

Daniel Hahn