The artist we’re talking about today is Dario Marzadori, 33 years old and a concept artist.

Dario has been designing since he was a child but it is only in the last year that he began truly to “believe”in  it, to believe that the design can be transformed into his profession and not just remain a hobby.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) in every work that he realizes he tries to put a fragment of his own soul and not always he remains satisfied; for this reason he developed a love-hate relationship with the design that does not yet know where it will lead him.

Mainly works in digital with Adobe Photoshop and a tablet (Wacom of course) but the starting sketch is always done with paper and pen. His works consist mainly of realizations of environments and every day is a step forward in his career as a concept artist.

Dario is a young man full of interests, from which he takes inspiration for his art, loves to travel, read, play game pc (even if he gets tired quickly) and socialize. He never moves without his camera and his favorite author is Heinlein.

He has worked as an illustrator for the American role-playing game IVION, successfully financed on Kickstarter and soon to be published ( and has collaborated for a while on Skywind’s concept, the remake of Morrowind with the Skyrim engine (

Dario Marzadori