Davide Furnò is an illustrator, comics book artist and storyboard artist from Turin with a portfolio of the richest and most varied works.

After attending high school he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts.

His professional career began in advertising agencies; here he starts to gain experience with illustrations and storyboards for companies such as INADV and Leo Burnett.

At the same time, Davide never stopped cultivating his passion for comics as a self-taught man, and thanks to the publisher Vittorio Pavesio Productions he published his first story for the magazine Strane Storie.

Then comes his first book: John Doe 57, which opens a series of other publications for publishers such as Vertigo, Sergio Bonelli Editore and DC Comics.

One of his latest works is Il Corvo: Memento Mori, a reinterpretation of the original story for which Davide has created, in addition to a self-contained history, also all the variants of the cover.

He is also one of the teachers of the International School of Comics in Turin and we are sure that this formidable artist still has much more to give us!

Davide Furnò