Diberkato, a.k.a. Bruno Ferreira, is a Cartoonist and Concept Artist born in Álvaro de Carvalho, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

He began drawing as he was only a child, and gradually developed as a self-taught artist, until he finally managed to find his own personal style: “I like to draw cool girls in cool colors”, he sums it up in his official Facebook page.

The most distinguished feature in his works, indeed, is precisely their pop vibe, clearly inspired by Robert Sammelin and by the comic style in general.

Diberkato paints his characters (most of all young women, but also antropomorphic animals) in bright and vibrant colours, like blue, yellow and pink, without fear of using stark chromatic contrasts as well.

Among all the comics, the illustrations and the graphic designs he creates, but he is especially known for his character Lorna: an imaginary girl who is able to see all universes and timelines thanks to the glasses she wears.