Didier Konings knew from an early age that his future would be in the cinema industry.

It was when he saw Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that he was captured by the magic of visual effects. At the age of 17 he directs his first “low budget” movie called Boys in War, a personal project he has been working on for about four years.

Later he enrolled at the Netherlands Film Academy, where he specialized in Digital Matte Painting and Concept Art.

He was offered an internship at Aaron Sims Creative, where he had the opportunity to work on Star Trek, Hidden, Titan and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

For almost five years he has worked full-time at Aaron Sims Creative in Los Angeles, offering his skills in several blockbusters as concept artist.

Among the most famous movies and series we mention the creation of the world of the Upside Down for the successful TV series Stranger Things and the nun’s look in the film Conjuring 2.

Didier continues to pursue his passion by creating, developing and directing a personal piece called Uncario, a sci-fi thriller film shot in Iceland, Netherlands and the United States.

Didier Konings