Here is Dream, an exciting and moving animated short film created by Zombie Studio for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, a unique film festival organized in New York with the aim of raising awareness of the global population to the conservation of global biodiversity. A short animation film that, in about three minutes, shows the two faces of a nature that is slowly losing.

A free nature is the first, in which its inhabitants move “savages” in their context of belonging; a dirty nature is the second, where the avidity of the human being takes over, bringing the death and decay of what is still beautiful.

In this short animated masterpiece four different species of animals threatening extinction tell us their stories through the words of a highly evocative song titled “I Dreamed a Dream”, a musical theme that accompanies the movie and which through the change of tone becomes highly evocative. The same realization of the characters is capable of demonstrating the great cruelty to which birds, fish and mammals from all over the world are subjected.

The men of the film are depicted with empty eyes, devoid of life and without any sort of remorse, intended solely to use animals for their commercial purposes. A video that ends with a help request message saying “Do not let the dream come off”. Another excellent computer graphics work, which in addition to the beauty of its purely aesthetic achievement gives us a meaningful message to reflect on.

Here, this is the art we like !!