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DrZenith - Chris Walker 3D Character Designer - Nuts Computer Graphics

Chris Walker (aka DrZenith) is a 3D Artist from Sheffield, United Kingdom, whose main interest lies in character sculpting and design.

Already as a child he spent a lot of his time drawing on paper his favourite cartoon and video game characters.

But it wasn’t until the age of 15 that he discovered 3D, first with an application called TrueSpace, then on 3ds Max 3 and finally on ZBrush.

His work is deeply inspired by his early love for 90s’ gaming and above all for strong and confident female characters such as Jessica Rabbit, Lola Bunny and Blaze Fielding.

In fact, his signature characters are heavily stylized, with a great emphasis on dynamic shapes, poses and expressions, and with a bright and colourful style.

His most famous project is the Bloodsport Beatdown series: a cast of girl characters that DrZenith has created for a fictional beat’em’up game.

DrZenith – Chris Walker