Eddie Mendoza is a young Concept Artist based in San Francisco, California.

He is mostly active in the gaming, movie and virtual reality industries, specializing in environment world building and mech design.

After studying Illustration at the California State University and Concept Art and Industrial Design at the Concept Design Academy, he took his first job as an Intern at Warner Bros Animation.

Since then he has had the chance to work for Lord Danger, Firaxis Games, Dead Panic Studios, Ironklad Studios, Scribble Pad Studios and Kixeye.

As a freelancer, despite his young age, he has already collaborated with some of the top brands on the market, such as Netflix, The Mill, Google, Adobe, Sony, Blur Studio, Steve Aoki, and is currently working for Apple.

His typical style evokes clear inspirations from the steam-, diesel- and cyberpunk genres, as one can notice in the futuristic dreamlike cityscapes and in the neon-soaked streets which set the stage for his fantastic artworks.

Eddie Mendoza