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Even Amundsen Concept Artists - Nuts Computer Graphics

Even is a concept artist and illustrator born and raised in the cold lands of the North, in Norway.

Like many artists he started drawing since at very young, his first subjects were mainly pirate ships and dinosaurs, that is those that stimulate the fantasies of each child. His hobby for drawing begins to take on a new connotation around 18, when Even learns about concept art.

For this reason, after finishing his studies at an art school in Oslo he moved to Falmouth, a town in Cornwall where he finished his studies.

After Norway and the United Kingdom, Even moved to Canada to work in the famous Studio Volta, where he remained for three years.

Here he has the opportunity to develop a great experience thanks to his participation in several projects, among which one of the most interesting was certainly that of creating characters for the Lord of the Rings Riders of Rohan.

After this experience he decided to move to Prague and start his prolific freelance career. Among his collaborations, companies such as Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, Riot Games deserve special mention.

His focus is on the fantasy world and his style has been inspired by artists like Paul Bonner, Karl Kopinski, Hiroaki Samura, Espen Sætervik and Mike Azevedo.

Even Amundsen