Oliver Latta is an Art Director and 3D Artist born and raised in Kotten, a small town in East Germany.

Also known by the nickname Extraweb, he took his first steps into video and photography at a very young age.

He studied design at the Bauhaus University in Dessau, where he went on pursuing his early passions, while also discovering the boundless world of digital art, and beginning to experiment with 3D styles and techniques.

Despite starting down this path for his own pleasure, Oliver soon saw a professional turning point when he began publishing his works on his Instagram channel, immediately getting a huge success and drawing the attention of many experts in the industry.

The works of this eccentric artist are sometimes disturbing, but also beautiful and hypnotic in the eyes of the audience.

Oliver manages to turn everyday movements of the human being into striking and expressive images and, throughout his works, he aims to induce feelings by showing the day-to-day life in an ambiguous and unique way.

Many people appreciate his eccentric and personal style; among his clients are Gorillaz, Valentino Garavani, MTV, YouTube Originals and Vogue