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Fausto de Martini Concept artist - Nuts Computer Graphics

Fausto is a Brazilian Digital Artist with a long and patented career in the world of Computer Graphics. He began his journey when, in Brazil, he wrote for a Games Magazine.

He did a job that many people wanted to do, and they would like to do it still 😉 to write on that magazine he would have to test what were the video games presented, so he tried all the demos. It was the end of the 90s, the technology was advancing and also rapidly, and the company, in order to keep up with the times, hired a new artist to realize an animation project.

It was simply a car that walked on a road, but it was enough to indicate to Fausto what his fate would be. He started working with 3D Studio Max in his free time, but the more he spent the more time he was engulfed in this world.

He then began to devote himself to personal projects. Create characters, creatures and spaceships by taking inspiration from one of the most famous entertainment products at the time: StarCraft, a series of science-themed videogames created by Blizzard Entertainment.

It was his character in particular, a “Light Infantry Marine”, whose construction was strongly influenced by the iconic characters of the videogame, which gave the turn to his life. He publishes his character on CGTalk and in a few days receives dozens of job offers from all over the world, including that of Blizzard, for which he will work for almost ten years, becoming artistic director and working on projects like World of Warcraft, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. For his great talent, however, Fausto had long been courted by the film industry.

It was time for a change, in 2012 he left Blizzard to join “Lightstorm Entertainment”, an independent  American Film Production company founded by the Canadian director and producer James Cameron. In short he becomes Concept Artist / Illustrator and together with his colleagues he collaborates in the realization of great productions like Robocop, Transformers 4, Terminator: Genisys, Star Wars VII and in the sequel Avatar. But despite the great workload he is subjected to daily, Fausto does not give up his personal projects.

One of them is the EDGE Project, a project in which he tells a fallen world torn by wars and conflicts, and does so in an eBook format. A humble artist, hungry for knowledge and with exceptional gifts … Enjoy 🙂

Fausto de Martini