Felix Colgrave, as well as being very good, is certainly one of the most special artists and above the lines currently circulating in the world of Digital Art.

Isolano of Tasmania then moved to Melbourne, where he graduated at RMIT University in Animation and Interactive Media and where he still resides.

Here begins his career as an animator, to which he dedicates himself since a very young age, and falls in love with everything that is part of this world. Felix is ​​in fact a great experimenter, he is always looking for new ways to tell his stories both from a purely technical point of view and from a creative point of view.

This extraordinary artist was born on the web publishing his works on social media; this allowed him to accumulate an “army of devoted fans” that faithfully followed him in all his projects.

His first video “Shoe – EGG” (official musical vid – 2009) soon reached millions of views and hence its popularity has continued to grow out of all proportion.

Among his most famous animations we mention “The Elephant’s Garden”, a short animated film of 2013, “SOURCE”, music video for the group Fever The Ghost of 2014, “Do not Hurt Me”, music video for DJ Mustard, Nicki Minaj & Jeremih 2016 and the latest masterpiece “Double King” an animated short realized entirely by the artist (including music) in 2017.

His animations are often based on the themes of nature and his characters are unique and extravagant, almost out of the ‘union between the cartoon of the early last century and the paintings of Salvador Dali.

In addition to his personal work, Felix has participated in several commercial projects, working with clients such as VICE, Comedy Central, Passion Pictures and game animations for Falles 4 of Bethesda.

In short, we really like it a lot!

Felix Colgrave