The digital artist that we present in this article is one of the largest and most versatile concept artists of recent times.

Feng Zhu was born in California in 1977 and began his artistic career at only twenty years. He studied architecture at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and began to design futuristic scenes for Hollywood productions.

Feng started working very young in the videogames industry too, creating concept art for Wing Commander, a famous video games series developed by Origin Systems.

From here he moved to Liquid Entertainment, where he held the role of concept designer and was the only artist to take care of the look of the Battle Realms videogame.

Thanks to this experience he is one of the most appreciated and requested digital artists in the entertainment industry.

Only a few years later he started working with George Lucas creating concepts for Star Wars: Episode III – The Revenge of the Sith and for Transformers. He had experience as teacher at the Gnomon School, also taking part as a speaker at conferences and conferences all over the world.

In Singapore he founded the FZD School of Design.

In short, Feng in his prolific career has helped creating some of the biggest and most famous projects in the entertainment industry, whether they refer to the film industry, video games or TV commercials.

Feng Zhu