Gabriel Rubio is a Digital Artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His studies led him to start working in communication and marketing, but in parallel he kept cultivating his great passion for illustration and computer graphics.

In fact, after working as a communications analyst for a Brazilian company, he decided to devote himself entirely to the world of digital art, thus turning his passion into a profession.

His specialties are illustration and concept art for advertising. Gabriel’s creativity is always on the move, each one of his new projects is a challenge to overcome at his full potential, also thanks to his constant desire to learn and improve, day by day.

He addresses any new work with curiosity, he approaches any new experience with a desire to learn new artistic skills.

Over the years he contributed to creating illustrations for companies such as IGG, Volta, Fantasy Flight Games, HEX Enterteinment, Outfit7 and Behemutt.

Gabriel Rubio