Gavin is a Lead Character Artist born and raised in a small Canadian province, specifically in Nova Scotia.

A long-time fan of comics, videogames and action figures, he began to draw his heroes and favorite subjects from childhood, producing fan art for video games such as DOOM and X-COM as well as for wrestlers and comic bad guys.

But after the period of “reproduction” Gavin begins to create new worlds still unimagined, with unprecedented plots and characters fruit of their own imagination.

At university he attends the course of animation and visual effects but he does not complete, preferring instead to move to Vancouver to improve his opportunities to learn and create contacts.

And the choice turns out to be true … in fact, he begins his professional career in Piranha Games, one of the oldest independent videogames development houses in Vancouver.

He stays here for several years until he decides to become a full-time freelancer.

This period of time is very formative for Gavin; being committed to several projects he is able to master various techniques and above all to create an important pool of clients, including Harmonix, Bioware, Garage Games and Monolith.

But the teamwork within a structured study had a strong appeal to him, so he soon found himself working in Capcom, where he collaborated on the realization of The Bigs 2 and Dead Rising 2, two of the most famous for this company.

From here he joins Irrational Games and realizes Bioshock Infinite, a videogame developed for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Once again this adventure arrives at Insomniac Games where he gives his contribution for titles like Sunset Overdrive and the latest Spider-Man for PS4.

In addition to being a very talented artist active in the gaming world, Gavin is also the author of a tutorial book entitled “3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster” and published by 3D Total Publishing, as well as the editor of several articles for 3D Artist Magazine.

In short … a true great artist! ?

Gavin Goulden